Home automation

An intelligent house is a totally automated home. Think about how you can control all the electronics in the house using a single wireless system directly from your mobile phone.

A smart home improves comfort, convenience, safety and energy management for the consumer.
Electric-IT brings the solution into your home. All devices can communicate with a wide range of solutions and applications. Z-Wave wireless technology can transform any ordinary home device into a smart device. Products with Z-Wave technology can communicate wirelessly and can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Smart Home Wireless offers a non-invasive installation process. You do not need to use full meters of cable. The modules are miniature and can be installed almost anywhere.

Smart home applications

Have you forgotten to turn off the light? Or maybe you left your iron in the socket. You do not have to worry! Start the app on your phone or tablet and get it done! You can control lighting, sockets, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, garage door and more.

Surely you've often asked yourself how to monitor electricity consumption in your home and especially how to reduce your costs. The solution would be an energy meter socket

Do you want to open the blinds at a certain time only during the week?

The intelligent home system can turn on the lawn irrigation system at a specific time. It can also check the weather when it's raining to not allow the lawn to be wet to save water

An intelligent house system can detect a fire or flood, or even an earthquake. So the system will send you an alert and you will have enough time to take the necessary precautions.

You can use a smart home system to monitor baby room conditions. Such as temperature and humidity, or you can connect it to a wireless surveillance camera to see the child's activity all the time.


Z-Wave technology is a completely new approach to smart home automation, currently the most effective solution available on the market, used in electrical and home appliances: sensors, thermostats, lights, alarms, air conditioning, coffee machines, audio-video systems, motorized doors and windows, etc. Virtually everything in the house can be automated.

The brain of any intelligent system is the central unit, to which devices connect, communicating with each other, the system created, thus taking the form of a virtual network. The Z-Wave protocol is innovative, wireless and safe in any automation system. Today, over 300 companies in the world are researching or producing devices with Z-Wave technology.


Each Z-Wave device in the network receives or sends commands, monitors or controls the operation of home appliances, all centrally located in the central unit, securely connected to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Devices can work individually or in groups, offering unlimited options for controlling home appliances. Thus, for intelligent automation, there is no need to replace home appliances, investing only in Z-Wave technology.


Unlike wireless technology where the radio signal is permanent, Z-Wave communicates through interrupted radio waves - it sends or receives signals only when needed or when you send a command. Thus the risks to the human body are reduced to a minimum (radiating in a year as a 24-hour phone kept close to the body), the duration of the home appliances is prolonged and the owner of an intelligent house saves energy in the long run.

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